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Вставьте в текст пропущенные слова или фразы. Если Вы не знаете ответа - не ставьте ничего. Не пытайтесь отгадать.

  am 28. Now I in a hospital. I am a . My salary is not big, it's only dollars a month. That's why now I another job. My is reading. you like reading? My boy friend reading. Last week I a new book of Brenda Williams. This novel is than the previous one. I to buy another book , but I enough money with me. Next week I to my aunt for a week. Yesterday I a ticket. She and said that the weather is fine.

I . The journey was . It for the whole week unless I packing my bags. I because I warm clothes. My aunt said that she such a strong shower in their region.

I in June, the weather is very changeable. Mark day and night. He me. If I the weather forecast I for vocation. I wish a prescient. But I'm not.

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